Why hello.

My name's Alaine – that’s ah-LEN, not eh-layne. I’m from a tiny town on the Canadian prairies, where winter temperatures get as low as -58 degrees Fahrenheit (yes really). That apparently wasn't enough frostbite risk for one lifetime, so now I live in the just-as-winter-y city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

How did I get into content strategy, you ask? My fascination with language started young, as I wondered why my Anglophone parents would give me an unpronounceable French name (see, localization experience). Years later I went to design school, and realized I much prefer writing words to typesetting them.

Then I found out there was a thing called content strategy. Now I spend my days knee deep in content analysis, information architecture, content planning, editorial and technical writing, governance and workflow planning, and more fun stuff.

I like knotty, tangled content problems. If you have one, get in touch.